Brunch Pins!


Ahhhhh! I am so excited about this right now. Clay EGG PINS! Like as in egg pins matching with my stuffed egg plushes! Yes! Best Saturday night spent ever! (Also feat. my little ice cream pins too!) 😍 and oh my goodness.. did I mention I also made some avocado pins that are perfect for you and your bff, lover, or mama! Put it on your backpack, your sweater or whatever! It’s the best way to tell somebody that they are everything you’ve AVO wanted or sorry for making things GUACward! 💖🥑 #AVOcuddle



Pins and buttons have been the coolest things ever lately and I’m so excited to be able to make some of my own with some designs that I create! Although these pins aren’t those smooth lapel kind, I definitely think these have a little chunky spunk to them that make them unique!


AND they match my infamous brunch buddy pairs! YES!

These polymer clay pins are super fun to make.. as if I’m back in kindergarten with my little play doh! They are super easy to make as well!

Here are a few more samples of pins I made 🙂


Another stuffed favorite.. the taco!



Excuse the lighting in these, but..

PARTY DINOS! Ahh!! One with a bowtie and a party hat!




So.. here is my step to step with Amazon links to what I purchased to make them!



  1. Purchase your supplies!
    1. Hot glue gun (this came with a miiillion glue sticks.. definitely worth the price!!)
    2. Pin backs
    3. Polymer clay (tons of colors to choose from!)
  2. Squish and roll up the clay until they are soft and tender -ish
  3. Create the shape you desire! Use a rolling pin if needed for smoothness!
  4. Put on pan WITH FOIL (so you don’t roast your clay please!) for 5-6 minutes at 350 if a  few flat pin pieces! If you oven-bake 20 ball-like beads, leave in for about 10 min! Definitely keep an eye on them since you don’t want them to burn or crack… which I have done a million times at this point
    1. If you do burn them.. start over OR paint over with some acrylic paint like I did with some batches
  5. Grab black puffy paint and a toothpick and draw in your faces if desired
  6. Glue pinbacks to the clay piece and yay all done :)!



If you are lazy like me and does not like to craft/DIY eveeeerything, go ahead and purchase these from my Easy! (




Here are some more examples of my necklaces and other pins!

*** For necklaces, remember to have the loop hole facing left and right instead of front to back so the necklace doesn’t spin around! ***

IMG_310836905F41-AC9F-48E2-8E0A-05F7F622D866Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset


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